Natalia Wrzesinska

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Speciality: Surgery
Diseases: vascular surgery, thyroid and parathyroid disease, hernia, gallblader disease, acute abdomen
Years of experience: 5-10 years
Current & former employment:

Medical University of Warsaw Clinical Center

LuxMed Oncological Hospital, Warsaw


Medical University of Warsaw, PhD studies

Medical University of Warsaw, Medical School

Board certification:

Polish Board certification in General Surgery

Language: English, Polish


Natalia Wrzesińska MD is a General Surgery specialist, working in Department of General, Endocrine and Vascular Surgery in Medical University of Warsaw. During her surgical training she did an observerships at Stanford University and in Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv. She also took part in many surgical courses all over Europe. She has 10 years of experience in surgical field. Her scientific research focus on minimally invasive surgery, digital health and mixed reality in medicine.

Keyword: vascular surgery aortic aneurysm limb ischemia hernia thyroid laparoscopy

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